Best Toronto Nightclubs

Toronto is one of the top clubbing cities in the world. Most of the nightclubs are located in the downtown entertainment district. Since there are hundreds of different music nightclubs, this list is going to be places that I personally recommend. Sign up on the nightclub's guestlist to get cheaper cover and line bypass.
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Club Listings and Locations

The Guvernment

One of the oldest nightclubs and it is still going on strong. There are 2 main rooms; One is big and the other is gigantic. The club is spacious, so if you don't want to be overly crowded on the dancefloor, your could dance off to the side. A lot of dealers gather here, so it is easy access to "stuff" if you are looking.

CiRCA Nightclub

Probably the hottest and biggest music nightclub in Toronto right now. This club is so large, it even has escalators. 4 floors of decent guys and pretty girls dancing. There are bars and seating areas scattered on every floor, so it is always easy to get a drink and rest.

Lot 332

Lot 332 is all about letting the girls in free before midnight. They keep a good ratio of girls in the club so you won't end up at a sausagefest. With relatively cheap drinks and free cover, this nightclub is like a chick magnet.

Home Nightclub (Tonic Nightclub)

Home Nightclub is the newly renovated Tonic Nightclub. They have a smaller dancefloor that is usually packed booty to booty. Tonic was one of the best nightclubs in Toronto, so the renovated Home must be even better.

Mink Nightclub

A more upscale club with 2 floors of dancing, 3 levels of patio, and the hottest bartenders in Toronto. The dresscode is pretty strict and Saturday nights is 21 and above.

XS Nightclub (Republik)

I guess the name changed, but inside is still the same good old Republik. There is one small room with an elevated stage for the girls, and a large room full of bars. As for the crowd, go to XS Nightclub to pick up, but the drinks are not cheap here.

The Fifth Social Club (Easy & The Fifth)

A more upscale and cozy club where the local accountants like to hang out. I have never been, but everyone goes there, so it must be good.