Toronto Taxi Numbers

Beck Taxi416-751-5555
Crown Taxi416-240-0000
Diamond Taxicab416-366-6868
Royal Taxi416-777-9222
CO-OP Cabs416-504-2667
City Taxi416-740-2222
Kingsboro Taxi416-232-2222
Aeroport Taxi and Limo800-465-3434 (Airport)
Aerofleet Services800-268-0905 (Airport)
Airflight Services800-268-6843 (Airport)
Airways Transit905-689-4460 (Hamilton)
519-886-2121 (Waterloo)

Toronto Taxis

Taxi cabs roam all around downtown Toronto and in most places, you don't need to wait at a taxi stand. You can simply wave at a driver and they will stop to pick you up. If you want a taxi to pick you up at your house or hotel, you will have to call their phone number (listed above).

Taxi Etiquette

In a Toronto taxi, you can sit anywhere you want. The taxi driver will usually open the backseat door for you, but it is also fine to sit in the front seat. The cab driver can refuse to let you in the car if you are extremely drunk or have more than 4 people in your group.

Taxi Rates [$4.00 + $1.61/km]

Taxi fare is standarized in Ontario. Once you get in the car, the fare meter starts at $4.00. For every 155 meters travelled, the fare meter will increase by $0.25. At the end of the ride, you should generally give the taxi driver a 10-15% tip. Here is the official government document about taxi fare laws.

Flat Rate Airport Taxi (Pearson Airport)

When travelling to and from the airport, the "airport taxis" will give you a flat rate price. The fare will be slightly cheaper than going by the kilometer, and the cars are usually much better (Lincolns instead of Oldsmobiles). The fare from downtown Toronto the the airport should be approximately $50. If you want to try an airport limo, they only cost like $5 dollars more.

Out of City Taxis

Airways Transit does shuttling from Pearson airport to any city in Ontario. If you are heading to Hamilton, Waterloo, or Niagara Falls, give this company a call to arrange a shuttle.