News 1130 Insider of the Day and Bonus Codes

The News1130 radio station runs the "Weather Guarantee Jackpot" contest. If News1130 is wrong by more than 2 degrees on their weather forecast, they do a draw to find the jackpot winner.
Insider of the Day: News 1130 has cancelled the Insider of the Day
1130 Newsletter Code: News 1130 has cancelled the Newsletter Code
Twitter Code: News 1130 has cancelled the Twitter Code
Other Bonus Codes:
Survey: The Insider Club as we know it dies at 11:59pm on June 29th, 2017

Update News1130 Bonus Codes

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Who is the insider of the day?:
What is the newsletter code?:
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News 1130 Insider Club Credits

There are various places to get 1130 insider credits:
- Mon-Fri: The radio station announces the insider of the day at 7:10am, 12:10pm, 5:10pm and 8:10pm.
- Mon-Fri: There is a bonus code posted on Twitter.
- Weekly: The newsletter contains a bonus code on Thursdays.
- Completing the Your Opinion Surveys will give a code.
- Contest Partner events. Sometimes they have a code on a partner page.
- Other announced bonus events.