98.3 StarFM Star Word and Bonus Codes

The radio station 98.3 Star FM in Vancouver plays lite rock. Their Star Status Club is a loyalty club that rewards listeners with points that are redeemed for prizes. Register and start winning today!
8am Reward Song: .
12pm Reward Song: .
4pm Reward Song: .
7pm Reward Song: .
Newsletter Code: .
Other Bonus Codes: .

Update Star 98.3 Bonus Codes

What is the 8am song?:
What is the 12pm song?:
What is the 4pm song?:
What is the 7pm song?:
What is the newsletter code?:
Other codes?:

98.3 Star Status Club Credits

You can get Star Status points in a couple of ways:
- Mon-Fri: Choose the correct "Star Status Reward Song" played at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm.
- Weekly: The newsletter has a code every Thursday.
- Completing the surveys will give a code.
- Contest Partner events. Sometimes they have a code on a partner page.
- Other announced bonus events.