Country 106.7 Bonus Codes

Country 106.7 is Waterloo Region's best country music station. Join the Country Club, listen for the Reward Songs and get points for a chance to win great prizes.
8am Reward Song: Billy Currington - Let Me Down Easy
12pm Reward Song: Chris Young ft Vince Gill - Sober Saturday Night
4pm Reward Song: Jesse Mast - Runnin', Young, and Lovin
8pm Reward Song: Eric Church feat. Rhiannon - Kill A Word
Classic Sunday Code: .
Newsletter Code: .
Other Codes: ZacBrownBandBTBO

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106.7 Country Club Points

You can get Country Club points in a couple of ways:
- Daily: Choose the correct song played at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm.
- Weekly: Classic Country bonus code on Sunday.
- Weekly: The newsletter has a code every Tuesday.
- Completing the surveys will give a code.
- Contest Partner events. Sometimes they have a code on a partner page.
- Other announced bonus events.