The Adventures of Indie Santiago: A ROM Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Jan 13 - Apr 14

Famous adventuring heiress Indie Santiago was visiting an archaeological dig in the Accona Desert when she went missing– along with a recently unearthed artifact! Scour ancient civilizations, unravel a tale through the ages and discover the secrets of the missing artifact to answer....Where in the world is Indie Santiago? Note: At least one player per team must bring a phone with our scavenger hunt app downloaded for submitting answers and creative team photos and videos during the adventure. Click on our link to book your tickets, and see more details about your upcoming hunt!

Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queens Park




- Tickets include admission to the Royal Ontario Museum, your on-site host, and access to our scavenger hunt app. Tickets must be purchased in advance. This hunt is a product of Urban Capers Scavenger Hunts, and any questions relating to the product, tickets, location, etc. should be directed to us by email. We’re happy to help! If you have a ROM Membership, please call us for a discount code.